Guilt Free

Gluten Free

No wheat, barley, or rye at any step of the way.

Dairy Free

Our kettle corn is nothing but, you guessed it, corn.

Nut Free

Well, that is aside from us of course.

About Corky’s

Cooked in 100% corn oil – our recipe is pure and simple. A bit of sugar and a touch of salt. That’s it!

Our equipment is specifically designed to provide a great tasting batch of kettle corn every time. High quality materials used in the manufacturing of the kettle and burner assembly provide a number of benefits. Even heat distribution + ease of popping with minimal effort + reduced cooking time = more kernels popped and less burned.


Our kettle corn is always made in small batches. When you see the kettle you know it’s fresh. The gourmet mushroom-type corn is naturally sweet and is designed to pop in to a light puffy round shape making it easy to distinguish from microwave style popcorn.

Nothing beats a product from family shop with a perfected recipe and honest ingredients. Corky’s stands out for a number of reasons. We care – about the quality, the production, and the relationship with our customers. That’s why we do it all. But it’s our corn that stays the shining star.


Raleigh Flea Market

  • State Fairgrounds at 1025 Blue Ridge Rd at Hillsborough Street in Raleigh NC 27607
  • Just follow the sound of popping corn!

Butcher’s Market

  • Charlotte – 8410 Rea Road

Whole Foods

  • North Raleigh – 8710 Six Forks Road
  • Chapel Hill – 81 South Elliot Road