Corky's Kettle Corn makes the fundraising process simple and very profitable. Our fundraising options are designed to give your organization up to a 40% profit margin. The minimum order we require is a low 25 bags. Selling at $5 and $7 per bag, makes it affordable for most people to buy at least one, but we know they'll be wanting more! We do our best to help make sure that your fundraiser is a success and profitable.

Helping the Community

Whenever your school or organization needs to raise money for a good cause, Corky's Kettle Corn offers a great way to expand your profits from fundraising efforts. We offer a product that is high quality and sells itself. Did you know nine out of ten people like popcorn? And, everyone loves our kettle corn! This makes fundraising easy because customers are eager to purchase our fresh, delicious product that is usually only found at fairs and festivals!

Options for Fundraising:

1. Pre-sales:

Each participant takes an order form around to friends, family, and neighbors. Payments are collected as orders are taken. Depending on the organization, a time frame of one to two weeks should be sufficient for collecting orders. After the forms have been turned in to Corky's Kettle Corn, the orders will be popped fresh, filled, and returned to you by the scheduled delivery and/or pick-up date. Please deliver within a few days to ensure freshness.

2. Direct Sales:

Another way is to purchase Corky's Kettle Corn at our special fundraising rates for re-sale. This method works well for sporting event sales, church fairs, or school competitions. To ensure maximum product freshness, please sell the products within a week of delivery. If you like we can even pop fresh on site at your event.

Fundraiser coordinators please fill-out this form for more details.

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